So Here’s What Happened This Week (December 21, 2012)

If you’re reading this, the world didn’t end.

Cool beans.

What I Did:  Worked on another quick rewrite of Rain on the Water. Sent out more queries for Singles Vs. Bridezillas.

What I Read: Talia Talks by Christine Hurley Deriso

Cool Links I Found:

Comparison Will Suck Your Soul Dry

Coming Up With Stories

For Actors:

Headshot Critique 

So Here’s What Happened This Week (December 14, 2012)

 What I Did: Finished query letter and materials, including one-page and three-page synopsis, of SINGLES VS. BRIDEZILLAS. Sent out some queries. Began another quick revision / polish of RAIN ON THE WATER.

What I Read: Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life by Ann M. Martin

Cool Links I Found:

Dream Projects, Defining Your Dream

FRA-GI-LE Must Be Italian (on writing Christmas stories)

To Quit or Not To Quit 

So Here’s What Happened This Week (December 7, 2012)

What I Did: Starting sending queries for my novel SINGLES VS. BRIDEZILLAS, which means I have already gotten rejected. Two so far….

What I Read: Fortuna by Joshua Martino

Cool Links I Found:

 An Actor’s Reflection on Day Jobs

Trust Your Audience

My Favorite Writing Advice : Write 15 Minutes Every Day