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Wannabe Pride welcomes back Rick Karlsruher from Noveltunity®, which is the world’s first ebook book club that exclusively features new or undiscovered writers.

Thanks for inviting me back, Linda.

Noveltunity® has been quite busy over the past few months. We have gone from a wonderfully successful beta test to being fully live. Since December, our website ( ) has had over 2,200,000 page views. WOW! How did that happen?

There have been members from over twenty countries. We’ve had submissions from over a dozen countries. If any of you want to submit ( ), please do. Here’s what we need:

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Ann Andrashie was a Wannabe. Her book Dog Island won our selection vote. This month a publisher has signed her to a contract. Way to go Ann!

Since last I posted her, we’ve added several small publishers, an agent or two and a number of valuable partners. In fact, an international rights company is putting together a distribution flyer for the world’s biggest book fairs and is offering Noveltunity® members a 30% discount.

Whether you are a reader or writer, please come over and join us help Wannabes live their dreams. We need all of you. In that vein, we understand that Wannabes and their supporters could use a little help in these tough days. Fear not, use this code RICKNOV25 to get a 50% discount for each of the next two years.

For the cost of a pizza and some sodas, you’ll get 36 ebooks, get to meet readers and writers from around the world, vote on selections, go to classes to learn more about the industry and much more.

Please help up help Wannabes and empower readers from around the world. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me directly –

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After Twenty Years of Waiting, TODAY IS BOOK RELEASE DAY!!!


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I’ve been a writer for twenty years, but today I am an author.

These days anyone can write a book and publish it on Amazon, but I know in my heart that I’ve put in the years of hard work, heartbreak, and sacrifice that it takes to be a real author. I started writing in 1994, when I walked across the street from my childhood home and sat by the stream to write in my notebook. That story eventually became my first novel, RAIN ON THE WATER, which was also a screenplay optioned by two production companies in Los Angeles.

Over the last twenty years, I’ve written more than ten screenplays, four novels, countless blog articles, newsletters, training videos, and much more. I’ve also sent hundreds of query letters, and yet have only had a handful of literary agents even bother to take a look at any of my writing. The few agents that did read my work samples were complimentary, but none offered representation. One literary agent in New York expressed serious interest in representing me. She turned out to be a scam artist. As it turned out, what I thought would be my Big Break turned out to be nothing but a big lie.

For a long time, I dreaded my approaching twentieth anniversary as a writer. That would mean I’ve spent twenty years – the majority of my life – on a career path that hasn’t exactly panned out. Twenty years as an unpublished writer. It was a hard thing to face.

Then, two years ago, I decided that I would publish my first book on my twentieth anniversary as writer. Rather than being ashamed of that anniversary, I’m announcing it to the world. Twenty years of damned hard work is nothing to be ashamed of. Plenty of other writers have quit along the way. I’m still here, and I’m more determined than ever.

I have spent the entire past year editing and perfecting QUEEN HENRY, which I wrote in 2011, and learning the self-publishing process. I don’t do anything half-assed, especially when it comes to writing. After blogging every week for an entire year, I’ve made it from 52 Weeks To Publication to now. Today is the day. It has been so hard to wait, but the time is finally here and I’m ready.

Some will like my story and some will not, but I can promise you that QUEEN HENRY is as good as anything you will find on a bookstore shelf. I’ve put it through rigorous beta critiques and professional edits. I’ve cut out parts that I’ve loved for the good of the story and the characters. I got a professional cover design. I did my homework. My goal is to add to the prestige of the world of self-publishing, not add to the stigma by releasing a mediocre book.

Not one agent would even consider QUEEN HENRY, despite the fact that the screenplay version of the same story was a finalist in a national contest. They told me that, since it was “gay-themed”, it wouldn’t sell.


We’ll see about that. (Why I Decided to Self-Publish My Novel)

The secret to writing success, whether it’s traditional publishing or self-publishing, is simple, not easy:

1. Write a damn good book.
2. Promote the hell out of it.

I think I’ve done the first one. It took me years, but I think I did it. Now comes the second part.

Queen Henry 12-31-13

You can buy QUEEN HENRY here:





Publishing this novel, my favorite story of everything I’ve ever written, is about sharing QUEEN HENRY with the world and making my dream come true. It’s not about turning a profit.

My next book, though? Yeah. That’s about my dreams AND profit. The publishing business IS a business after all. Stay tuned…

Thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to making my dream come true and has put up with me blogging, tweeting, and posting about it for the last 52 weeks straight.

Today is one of the most important days of my life, but in a fairly quiet way. There will be no big launch party, no announcement to the press, no display at my local bookstore. I don’t know. There’s something kind of nice about that. Though many people participate in the final product of the book, writing is mostly a solitary venture. Much of my journey as a writer has taken place in my head. It’s kind of fitting that I’m celebrating my book launch day in a quiet way. As always, when celebrating a writing accomplishment, I watch one of my favorite movies (which I will have already done the night before this blog is posted, It’s Time For Peach Schnapps and Drag Queens). My plan for today is to sit at the kitchen table and watch Back to the Future (which inspired me to be a writer when I was ten years old) while tweeting and posting about my book. (My Love Letter to Back to the Future on its 25th Anniversary). After that, my sister and I will head to the airport to go to Minnesota to participate in the baseball All-Star festivities as per our tradition. I will be the one at the airport in the Harvey Milk T-shirt  tearing up at the slightest provocation. And that’s a good thing.

So today I am an author. No matter what happens now, from this day forward, I will have my book QUEEN HENRY to have and to hold. In good sales days and in bad, I won’t ever have to wonder “what if I’d actually had the guts to publish my book”?

I did it. I actually did it.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

– Linda Fausnet


Book Release Day – Known as Wednesday to Everybody Else….

 This article is part of my ongoing Wannabe Pride Self-Publishing blog series in preparation for publishing my novel, QUEEN HENRY, in July of 2014. Proceeds from this novel will go to the Harvey Milk Foundation. My author page is

Book Release


After counting down from 52 Weeks to Publication, I’ve now made it to one week. The day is almost here. 

It’s funny how my book release day is one of the most important days in my life, but it’s just an ordinary workday for everybody else. It doesn’t really bother me.  It’s just an observation. When you get engaged, get married, have a baby, or get a new job, even people that don’t know you know that it’s a pretty big deal. I remember when my bridal party and I were standing out on the lawn of my church getting pictures taken and people were honking at us as they drove by. They were honking because they knew somebody’s wedding was a BIG DEAL.

Publishing my first book after all these years is a BIG DEAL, but it’s mostly a big deal to me. I can’t tell you how many times someone has overheard me talking about my book and said “ Wow, did you get your book published??” And I say “I’m publishing it myself, “ and they say “Oh.” As in “Oh, you’re not REALLY getting published.”

To be honest, I always thought I would feel the same way. I thought I would feel like I was selling out by “settling” for self-publishing or I thought I would feel like I just wasn’t good enough to hack it in the traditional publishing world. I can’t say I’ve never felt that way, but it’s pretty rare. The vast majority of the time, I just feel empowered and in control of my own work. Nobody can predict what’s going to be a success and what isn’t, but I can control the quality of my writing. When I look at my published book, I think – I DID THIS. I MADE THIS HAPPEN. I stopped sitting around and waiting for somebody to tell me it was okay to publish my book. And yes, it‘s “just” self publishing. Which means I “just” wrote a whole book, had it edited, formatted, got a cover, got an author photo, got a Library of Congress number, an ISBN, had it printed, corrected, printed again, did tons of publicity and marketing, started an email list, and blogged every week for an entire year, all while having two kids at home and holding down a full-time job.

And what, pray tell, have YOU done to make your own dreams come true, ye naysayers, you?

Anyway. Come next Wednesday, I won’t be walking around in full length fancy gown, nor will I be holding a newborn baby, or having a huge, celebratory book launch party. No, I’ll just be wearing my Harvey Milk T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Strangers won’t be able to tell just by looking at me that I just published my first book after twenty years of writing. Who cares? I’ll know. 

– Linda Fausnet

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