Longtime Writer, First-Time Publisher – The Road to Self-Publishing

This article is part of my ongoing Wannabe Pride Self-Publishing blog series in preparation for publishing my novel, QUEEN HENRY, in July of 2014. Proceeds from this novel will go to the Harvey Milk Foundation. My author page is www.facebook.com/lindafausnet


22 Weeks Until Publication

For those of you keeping score at home, you will notice that I jumped from 24 weeks until publication to 22 weeks until publication. To paraphrase the six-fingered man, “I’ve just sucked one week of your life away…”

I’ve decided to move up the release date by one week. My sister and I are huge baseball fans, and it just so happens that my original publication date for QUEEN HENRY (July 14, 2014) comes smack dab in the middle of MLB’s All-Star Break. Whenever possible, my sister and I love to travel to whatever city has the All-Star game and take part in the festivities. Though we don’t have the money or the connections to get tickets to the actual game, we love to visit the ballpark, go to the All-Star Fanfest, and take in a local minor league game if possible. Anyway, as it turns out, we will be just getting back from Minnesota the day before I was supposed to publish my book so I decided to move up the release date.

The truth is, I really don’t even have to wait that long. The book is almost completely edited and I’ve got a cover. All I really have to do is get it formatted, get an ISBN number, and finalize some other details that really won’t take all that long. In the meantime, I’m busy working on lots of other books. However, there is a specific reason that I decided to wait until the summer of 2014 to finally publish my first book.

Longtime readers of this blog might know the reason, but I’ll repeat it anyway. I started writing in 1994, so 2014 will mark my 20th anniversary as a writer. Of course, I’ve known that anniversary was coming for several years, and sometimes I wasn’t so thrilled thinking about it. It will mark 20 years as an unpublished, relatively unsuccessful writer. I do hate those “uns” in that sentence! I’ve had moderate success over the years – a couple of minor writing awards, two optioned screenplays, and an agent who wanted to represent me but then changed her mind and said she was too busy (but I’m not bitter…).

I will say that one of the things I’m the most proud of is that, after twenty years of lots of ups and downs, in a lot of ways I’m just as excited as I was when I started this whole thing. I’ve had disappointments, but I’m really not jaded. I’m a good writer, dammit. I’m not perfect, but I’ve worked hard and I’ve gotten really good. I’ve learned a lot more through failure than I ever did through success. The point is:

I’m still here.

I haven’t given up. Never really thought about giving up. And now it’s finally my chance to start my own writing business, where talent and luck are only a small part of success. It’s the hard work that really counts when you’re a self-publisher. And I am a really hard worker.

So July 2014 will mark both my 20th anniversary as a writer and my first year as a published author.

I really think the best is yet to come.

– Linda Fausnet


2 thoughts on “Longtime Writer, First-Time Publisher – The Road to Self-Publishing

  1. Linda,

    I’d say good luck on the upcoming novel, but, from the sounds of it, you’ve everything pretty much well in order. Good luck all the same :) As a writer working on his first novel it helps to read about other folk in the same boat.

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