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Wannabe Pride welcomes guest blogger Henry Augustine!

Henry oversees business operations for Prose. His dream of becoming a professional writer ignited in the fourth grade, and eventually led him to getting published by Integral World in August 2009 (Integral Philosophy) and by Integral Publishing House in January 2014 (The Coming Waves, “The Biggest Taboo”) – as well as to co-founding Myrtle Street Publishing and Prose as a means to transform the publishing industry.

“Prose” is an online reading and writing platform on a mission to inspire and empower writers globally and level the publishing industry playfield. The key to fulfilling this mission is technology. Prose’s technology aims to redefine the experience of literature for readers and writers spanning all skills, genres, and locations.

In particular, the technology emphasizes three primary elements:

1) Simplicity, 2) Community, and 3) Entertainment.

The platform is simple so that creating/discovering writing is intuitive and efficient. The platform is social in that the interaction experience feels like a small, real community. It’s entertaining in particular through its “Challenges” feature, enabling users to create writing challenges, invite fans and friends to participate, and interact in whole new ways.

While as a platform, Prose enables new forms of author-audience interaction, as a cause, it is in the process of joining forces with as many publishers, authors, and readers as possible. The vision is an ecosystem of literary distributors spanning all shapes and sizes from around the world – blogs, indie publishers, magazines, established publishers – connected with a diverse, abundant pool of fresh literary talent spanning all shapes and sizes from around the world.

Prose, as a technology platform, will integrate this ecosystem of distributors with its pool of talent as a means to minimize the global publishing industry gap between literary talent and demand on one end and literary distribution on the other.

The ultimate problem that Prose is attempting to solve is there being significantly more literary potential, literary talent, and literary demand than there currently is literary distribution. Prose will also connect readers with the writing and writers matching their unique literary taste, almost like a “Pandora for Writing.”

In short, the vision driving Prose is a win-win-win – a win for authors and literary talent, a win for readers and literary demand, and a win for publishers and literary distribution.

The Prose iTunes app launched September 2014 and the web app, for non-iPhone users and desktop use, launched in December.

You can experience Prose at

You can download the mobile app at


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