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As you probably know by now, Facebook’s algorithms have changed and they love to hide things from your newsfeed. I’ve found that it’s not enough to have a Facebook page anymore, and I think it’s best to have a Closed Facebook Page. The “closed” part isn’t an effort to keep the group super-secret and inclusive, but rather to ensure that the posts and links shared are actually seen by group members.

So! I invite my fellow writers to join the Wannabe Pride Writing Network Facebook page at:

WPWN Facebook

The mission of the writing network is to:

  • Support ALL writers, particularly indie / self-published ones

  • Share both success and failure stories

  • Share book and blog links – self-promotion is encouraged!

This is OUR writing network, not MINE, so let’s make it great! Post anything you feel that will be helpful to the group and to you as a writer.

PLEASE promote your own book and blog links!

SHARE your mistakes and your triumphs so we can all learn.

DISCUSS anything that may be on your mind.

TOGETHER, we can help each other be successful writers.

Welcome, and Happy Writing!

  • Linda Fausnet


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Join my READERS email list to receive just the Book Recommendations!

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