Science Fiction




SCIENCE FICTION by Scott Lawrence Alexander

Science Fiction, Fantasy

On September 24, 1958, our planet was invaded by beings from another world. Their huge ships hung motionless over all the major cities of the world for a week. What happened next did not seem real. It was more like– SCIENCE FICTION! Now, if that sounds a bit familiar, somewhat simplistic and perhaps a tad over-used, that’s fine. We all got used to this theme a very long time ago, starting in the 1950’s. SCIENCE FICTION does not pay homage to those stories that have become classic (and not so classic…), rather it is hoped that it can simply be accepted and placed among those cherished titles from that era! Guaranteed to entertain, the story has wonderful characters, Einstein-based pseudoscience, dire situations and a classic science-fiction twist at the end. Standby to watch the world destroyed before your very eyes in a book worthy of becoming the last classic sci-fi movie from the 50’s! 



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