Jessica Simpson Annoyed Me Today

Just a quick rant. The Morning Mashup crew on XM radio interviewed Jessica Simpson today and asked her about the Grammy award nominees and what she thought. She made some vague comments about Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, then proclaimed that she really didn’t know what other musicians were out there right now.

Okay, I know she is not exactly the most respected recording artist in the world, but she has certainly made a great deal of money from her singing career. Couldn’t she at least to pretend to care – at all – about her craft?

I confess that I sometimes get frustrated with people who seem to rocket to success quickly, while people like me to have to climb and struggle for years. But NOTHING irritates me more than people who just don’t seem to CARE. They take their success for granted and don’t put much effort into it. If you don’t really listen to music, you’re not exactly passionate about your music career, now are you?

End of rant. For now.