Read this Book! AS WONDERFUL AS WANT by Joyce DeBacco

So Wonderful As Want


I recently read AS WONDERFUL AS WANT by Joyce DeBacco. I tend to prefer lighter, more humorous books, so this was not one I would have normally chosen to read. However, Joyce posted her book on the Wannabe Pride Facebook page and I do try to read as many of those as I can.

AS WONDERFUL AS WANT was truly well worth the read. Set in the 1920s, it a story of love, loss, and the consequences of the choices we make. This book featured lean, tight writing with the perfect amount of character and setting descriptions. The writer paints a clear picture of the people and places without being verbose. The characters were expertly layered. There were no clichéd people to be found as almost no one, save perhaps the sleazy salesman, was all good or all bad. This book was professionally written and edited and I would not hesitate to recommend the book or to read her next offering.

 You can find the book HERE.