When To Turn Down An Audition

Many thanks to Aaron Marcus, premier acting and commercial modeling career coach for providing today’s blog entry! He is the author of How To Become a Successful Commercial Model and creator of the Becoming a Successful Actor & Commercial Model Workshop.

An agent from New York just called me about an audition for a television show. My agent submitted my head shot, and the casting director asked me to read for her. Not only was I going to get the chance to read for a TV show, I was actually requested by the casting director. That doesn’t mean that I am going to book the job, but it does mean the casting director liked my look and thought I was perfect for the role. I was also excited about making a strong new contact. Not only could I possibly book a TV show, I could also be considered for many more projects with this casting director. So far everything sounded great.

Then my agent said the role called for someone with a German accent. Unfortunately, my German accent isn’t great, and I didn’t think I could master it by the next day!

I had to make a quick decision. Do I go to the audition and try to fake the accent – or turn it down? Well, I turned it down, and here’s why: I didn’t want to embarrass myself, ruin my agent’s reputation, or introduce myself to a casting director in a negative way. Better to wait for an audition I am better suited for, and deliver a great read. As a side benefit, it was a great opportunity to speak with my agent about the types of auditions that would be best for me.

Crap Work for Actors

In this tough market, don’t make decisions out of desperation. Do everything you can to make wise choices that will help you now and in the future.