Weekly Progress for Week Ending June 10

Wrote a blog article.

Finished reading GOING THE OTHER WAY by Billy Bean. – excellent book that was a huge help in preparation for my new novel. Inside look at what it’s like to be a closeted gay man in Major League Baseball. Heartbreaking and beautiful story. Highly recommended.

Read a professional screenplay and participated in an online discussion of same.

Read Tina Fey’s book, BOSSYPANTS (admittedly, I read this for funsies. However, it *is* related to the biz and besides, I think all reading counts as working/research/learning when you’re a writer).

Started re-reading HOOKED by Les Edgerton. A book that focuses on writing beginnings, but is really an excellent book on novel writing in general. Written in plain “normal people” language. A wonderful writing tool.

Wrote 1053 words of my new novel, QUEEN HENRY!!

Progress Report for the Week ending June 3

My weekly wrap up of writing and related work. I include the stuff I’ve read because I believe part of being a writer is reading a lot.
Read A professional screenplay

Finished reading SHAH RUKH KHAN and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema by Anupoma Chopra.  It was a weird experience to read the biography of someone I’ve never even heard of, but the book gave fascinating insight into world of Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan is essentially the Harrison Ford or Brad Pitt of Indian movies.

 Wrote most of a blog article. 

Read my old screenplay which is going to become my newest novel. Developed an outline of same.

 Starting reading GOING THE OTHER WAY by Billy Bean. It’s research for my novel, but also happens to be a fascinating memoir of a gay former MLB player.