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Today, please welcome Alternative Parent Blogger Jenny McGrath! Many thanks to Jenny for providing today’s guest blog.

I had always liked writing, especially as I became older and more confident in the way I viewed the world. I also became much more confident and determined to write about my views and beliefs in the hope that something I write may be a positive read for someone out there in this world. I have gone through many changes in my life, yet I am only 27 years old. Sometimes I feel as if the old me who was in those darker places had read my experiences and understood that things can change, it could have made a difference in how I felt in darker times.

If something I wrote gave comfort to even one person who is lost and helped them get back to where they want to be or to move on to the next chapter in their life, then I would be immensely content with that.

I currently write a blog I set up on blogspot, called, The ‘alternative’ Parent… I use the inverted commas, because I don’t think people should be labeled alternative for believing what they believe or living how they live. I mean, the world is so diverse and dynamic. For me, where I live, this seems to apply to raising your child outside religion (whilst respecting those who are of a religious faith), or vegetarian (just an example of some things I am about) amongst positivity and encouragement being such important ingredients to raising children.

At the moment through my blog and my own facebook promotion of myself, I have had amazing opportunities to guest blog for two amazing parenting sites and been featured on another mothers’ website . I am still amazed at how much interest I have gained, along with some really inspiring and supportive messages I received to my articles.

I like to think of my project as an honest approach into the somewhat unknown. As a first time mama, I have overcome many tough times, many sad times, but have come out of it to the happiest of times. Sometimes it can be the best experience of all to put pen to paper, to write about life experience.

I also want to write about and acknowledge many things people are afraid to talk about which cause a stigma, making such things difficult to talk about… and continuing the circle. Things like miscarriages, bullying, post-natal depression and so forth.

I myself came out of many a lonely day and a teary night to the other side that many, very sadly, don’t. But there are still times when my mind goes back there, and the after effects of the lowest of times, are hard to shake even now.

So, this all comes into my parenting writings. I know that what we experience in younger years can echo for so many years into adulthood. Regarding our children, we should choose our words carefully. We should stop and look ahead at decisions we make now, as to how it may affect their future self.

In all, I want to write about parenting from the point of view of a new mama, who was once a child, once an awkward, lonely teenager, once a mess. Someone who knows who she is. Who still has dark days. But who is able to thankfully rise up, out of the quick-sand like emotions that can drag you down, and not want to let go of your mind.

I have a realistic approach to the world we live in… and like I said, if my writings can make one person out there, see a brighter tomorrow from their darker today, through my experiences… and my honesty,  then my own hard times were worth stories to tell.

I like to write about such things in a positive way, because the world has so much dark, many people forget there is so much light. And we are capable of so much more good than bad.


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