Goodbye to a Coward and a Bully

I haven’t watched American Idol in years. I really only followed it for one season, but that was enough. I find the initial auditions painful to watch. The people that go on there who are clearly being silly and doing it for their five minutes of fame are one thing, but I cannot bear to watch the others who suffer through the pain and humiliation of rejection on national television. The ones who really are trying to fulfill their dreams. Watching them fail is not pleasant to watch.

This is not entertainment. This is cruelty and I find it disturbing that so many people enjoy watching this.

I do believe that sometimes people do need to be told the cold, harsh truth. Sometimes people truly are wasting their time trying to make it in a field where they just do not have the talent for it.

Simon Cowell is not trying to help these people by telling them the truth. He mocks people who are brave and strong enough to get up in front of millions of people and uses their moment of glory to show off his own “cleverness” in how many different ways he can insult them. He is cruel and demeaning and I’m glad he is off the show.

I love to read about near death experiences that people write about (bear with me, I do have a point here). I don’t know if they are true, but I really hope they are. Many people who have experienced them say they go through a kind of “life review” where they can see all the good and all the bad that they’ve done in their lives. They truly feel the things that other people felt in response to their actions.

I’m not a vengeful person. I don’t want Simon Cowell to go to Hell. But I do hope that he undergoes a life review and that he gets to feel the pain of every dagger that he plunged into the heart of these passionate, hardworking Wannabe singers. And I hope he’s sorry.