On Dealing With Yucky Business Stuff – The Road to Self-Publishing

This article is part of my ongoing Wannabe Pride Self-Publishing blog series in preparation for publishing my novel, QUEEN HENRY, in July of 2014. Proceeds from this novel will go to the Harvey Milk Foundation.

31 Weeks Until Publication

In 2014, before publishing QUEEN HENRY, I will be developing my own publishing company. It’s possible that it will be a sole proprietorship, but most likely it will be an LLC.

Yeah. I’m not really sure what any of those terms mean, but I’m working on it…

I’m developing my own publishing company called Wannabe Pride Publishing. I’m doing this not to hide the fact that I’m self-publishing, but rather because I want to run this like a legitimate business. Because it is. Sure, I work a day job, but I spend as much time on writing and publishing as I would on another part-time job. I really love the idea of getting a Tax ID number and being all official and stuff. However, I’m really not crazy about all the left-brained complicated crap that comes along with running a business.

Believe me, I would love to be just the creative author type and not have to worry my debatably “pretty little head” about all that nasty business stuff, but that’s not to be. At least not with this novel. Several literary agents told me point-blank that it was a “tough sell” because it was gay-themed. Nobody wanted any part of it because they figured no one would buy my little gay book.

I’m really hoping to prove them wrong by selling a lot of books and helping the Harvey Milk Foundation in the process.

It’s still possible that I have a chance at traditionally publishing someday, but that’s not an option in the near future, so my plan is to take my career in my own hands. It’s tough and intimidating sometimes, but I’m really excited about it. All I know is that if I’m going to do this whole self-publishing thing, I want to do it right. That means I’m going to have to deal with a bunch of yucky business stuff like:

Register my business with official whozit people in the State of Maryland,

Get a Tax ID number so I can feel all official,

Get ISBN numbers for my books (you really should do that if you self-publish, even if you don’t make it an official business),

Open a business bank account,

Get a company credit card,

Keep track of all receipts,

File quarterly tax returns, and

Probably lots more garbage I haven’t even thought of yet.

The plan for QUEEN HENRY is to put whatever money I make on book sales into my snazzy business account, and then write the Harvey Milk Foundation a check with my snazzy business checks. Pretty cool, huh?

If you plan to self-publish, you really don’t have to go through all the trouble of making it an official business. Truth be told, I don’t blame writers one bit if they don’t do it this way. I just really like the idea of creating a business for doing what I love.

It’s gonna be a challenge for a flaky, right-brained creative like me, but I think it will be worth it.

Wish me luck. And please buy my book.

–          Linda Fausnet