Advice for Beginning Actors Part 7: What is Your Dream Role?

Special thanks to the actors who have taken time out of their busy schedules to graciously provide advice for new actors for Wannabe Pride, including Regen Wilson, Chris Pentzell, David DeBoy, Ken Arnold, Mercedes Rose, Gabriel Voss, Brittany Baratz, Laura Hunter, Lance Carter, Stephon Fuller, and Rachel F. Hirsch.


“I dream of playing the father of the star on a sit-com. Steady work, not too many lines to learn, you get your laughs in front of a live audience and make good money doing it. It’s as close to a 9-5 job as you can get as an actor!” – David Deboy (email) (website)

 “The one that pays well enough to allow me the freedom to pursue other dream roles without having to worry about what they pay.”     -Regen Wilson (website)

“I know it’s cliche, but I would love to be in a Woody Allen movie.” – Chris Pentzell (email)

 “Wow. There are many roles I would love to play. A James Bond type or Jason Bourne could be fun. Anything in a JJ Abrams project. Anything opposite Tom Hanks or Diane Lane.” – Ken Arnold ( STUDIO BOH)

“I intend to someday star in a pop culture phenomenon. Something that people talk about for generations. Ya gotta have a goal.”             –  Mercedes Rose (Imdb)  (website)

“Daniel Craig’s James Bond or Jason Bourne – badasses with emotion and intellect. That said, I’m set to star in an indie film shooting in Maryland in 2012 that has one of the most original and thought-provoking story concepts I’ve seen. It’s as groundbreaking as Saw or Fight Club.”  – Gabriel Voss (website, imdb, facebook, twitter)

“My dream role is Christine in Phantom of the Opera. I first saw it on Broadway when I was 13, and it has remained my favorite musical.” – Brittany Baratz (website, twitter, Knuffle Bunny National Tour)

 For theater, basically anything Ibsen or Chekhov is a dream role in my eyes. In film or television, I’m sure its something that no one has thought of yet. My dream would be to play a really strong female role in a television series, and to work with good people that I love. Its funny, though, I’m doing a play in a couple of weeks that was written by one of my best friends from high school. She just moved to LA and is already getting great attention as a playwright. For us to be able to come together, after both moving to LA from a small town in Virginia, and work on something artistically… that feels like a dream role, too, in a way.”Laura Hunter (email, website, twitter, facebook, youtube, contributor to

“I don’t really have a ‘dream’ role. I just like/want to play people who either challenge me or make the audience laugh.” – Lance Carter website, twitter, Facebook)

“My dream role doesn’t necessarily exist yet. It lives in the mind of some young composer carving out a name for herself just like me. I want to be part of the creative process. My dream is to be known as the girl who originates roles on Broadway (or workshops and readings all over the country)!” – Rachel F. Hirsch twitter, website, acting website, website)

“There are too many things I still aspire to do to have a single dream role.  I look forward to many more commercial, TV/Film, stage roles, etc.  There is so much I wanna do.  I like to be a rock star, infantry man, father, dancer, inmate, comic, etc.” – Stephon Fuller (twitter, blog, website)