Creating a Facebook Author Page – The Road to Self-Publishing

This article is part of my ongoing Wannabe Pride Self-Publishing blog series in preparation for publishing my novel, QUEEN HENRY, in July of 2014. Proceeds from this novel will go to the Harvey Milk Foundation.

32 Weeks Until Publication

This past week I created an author page on Facebook, which is another important step in the road to self-publishing. The first thing I did was send out Facebook invites to my friends and family for them to “Like” the page, which many of them did.

Next, I posted the new Facebook page on Twitter, and I actually got handful of people whom I didn’t know who “Liked” the page. Of course, this is the whole point of creating the author page. Still, I was unprepared for how thrilling it was to finally, FINALLY be able to share my work with other people. I’ve been a writer for a really long time, and I suppose I’ve really gotten used to writing story after story that very few people, if any, will actually read. I usually give my novels to friends and family. Sometimes they do read them. Most of the time, they don’t. They get busy, life gets in the way, and so forth.

I don’t get how you can tell me you’re too busy to read, and then show up to my house with a paperback in your hand. Or I see that you’ve reviewed a bunch of books recently on Goodreads

But whatever. I’m not bitter. Much.

Anyway, having a handful of strangers “Like” my author page was a wonderful reminder that, come July of 2014, people WILL read this book – my favorite book that I’ve held so close to my heart for so many years. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the idea that I’ll finally be able to share my book and my characters with others. Though it’s kind of fun having an author page, I’ve never thought much about having my name listed on the cover of my book or being well-known as an author. The truth is, I don’t care if people ever know my name. It means more to me to have people know the name Henry Vaughn, Jr, my main character, than my own. When the screenplay version of my story was a finalist in a contest, I was way more excited about seeing the words QUEEN HENRY in print than to see my own name in the list of finalists.

Right now, my author page has 59 likes. Hardly bestseller status, but the idea that 59 people might potentially read my novel blows my mind.

It really, really does.

I’ve never been a writer in the hopes of making a lot of money, and of course QUEEN HENRY is no exception in that I’m donating all the net proceeds to the Harvey Milk Foundation. The idea of having people actually read my work is far more valuable to me than money could ever be. 

To “Like” my brand new author page, I hope you’ll click here!

Thank you for your support!

-Linda Fausnet