Betty White rocks not only because she is one of the most successful women in the history of entertainment, having been active and working for more than six decades, but because I always get the impression that she hasn’t taken one moment of her success for granted. She often describes herself as the “luckiest broad on two feet”. She’s smart, classy, and hilarious. She’s an inspiration to me as a Wannabe because she seems so grateful for her success. I think we’ve all heard seemingly clueless, successful people in the biz who seem to think their success is totally deserved and their star will continue to rise indefinitely (one starlet, who shall remain nameless, seems to think starring roles in summer blockbuster grow on trees so she doesn’t have to actually “try” to be good at what she does). There is often a very fine line between great success and nine to five-ing it for the rest of your life, no matter how talented you might be. So cheers to a classy lady who deserves her success and is grateful for every moment oof it. GOOD LUCK ON SNL TONIGHT, BETTY!