Dear Hollywood: Thank You for Magic Mike

Thank you for finally realizing that women buy movie tickets, too. Save for gay men and a few hardy straight guys who braved the movie theater with their wives and girlfriends, it was women who drove to film to earn $102 million in ticket sales thus far.

Thank you for remembering that women are interested in more than THE NOTEBOOK and other romantic weepfests.

Thank you for making a film that is not a remake, a sequel, or a rehash of an old television show. You don’t hear anybody saying “Not another movie about male strippers!” Love it or hate it, it was something DIFFERENT.

Thank you for a movie that did not feature a superhero in tights. Sure, the guys in MAGIC MIKE looked ridiculous in thongs (even Channing Tatum can’t pull that look off…) but the filmmakers seemed to know this and used it for a humorous effect.  Case in point – the scene where the strippers, dressed in thongs as fake cops, got into a fistfight with a bunch of fully dressed guys was a riot.

Thank you for a movie that did not feature any gross-out humor. I can’t remember the last time I saw movie didn’t feature something that made me cringe.

Thank you for a movie that actually had a plot, which I paid attention to. Most of the time…

But most of all, thank you for this: