Hopes for the New Year

Hopes for the New Year:

Sell my middle grade novel and win a Newberry award.

Sell a screenplay, which gets made into a movie starring Ryan Reynolds, with cameo appearances by Shia LaBeouf, Michael J. Fox, and Betty White.

Win the Academy award for Best Original Screenplay and have it presented by the winner for Best Actor from the same movie….Ryan Reynolds.

Have my blog become so successful that the advertising alone will pay for my mortgage and all my bills.

Okay, REALISTIC Hopes for the New Year:

Complete the novel version of my earlier screenplay, QUEEN HENRY.

Complete and CONQUER the comedy screenplay, MATRIMANIA, that’s kicking my ass at the moment.

To really get my blog going and meet some interesting Wannabe actors, writers, and other artists and learn about their journeys to success.

Try to go through the whole year without zeroing out my bank account.

 To all the Wannabes out there, may 2011 bring only rejections that make you stronger and enough successes to make it all worthwhile.