My last blog entry was about a being stuck and just not being able to figure out the story that I’m working on.  I wrote about how I was really hoping to get some good ideas soon because this damn script has been kicking my butt for months. After all, the best ideas tend to come up suddenly and nearly ALWAYS when I’m not trying. Sometimes as soon as I start working on something else, an idea just occurs to me. The busier I am at my work (meaning day job) the better ideas I get. If I’m busy thinking about work, sometimes the ideas come faster and I just jot them down on a notebook. When things are slow at work and I can really concentrate on my script…nothing happens.  In my home office, unless I’m writing actual pages, I pace back and forth to think things through. Just staring at the computer screen somehow is not inspiring…

I actually did get several ideas later in the day after I wrote the STUCK entry.  I got even more ideas yesterday, when I was in the car driving to the mall with my family. One of “my” songs that I use for inspiration came on the radio and BAM! I came up with an idea I really loved for a part of the ending of my story.

I have an app on my Droid called Inkpad that is like a little portable notebook. Like any good writer, I always used to carry a notepad with me, but inevitably, I would leave it somewhere or I couldn’t find a pen. Believe me, I’m never without my Droid…so I wrote down the idea on my magical phone.

That’s the thing about being a writer. Sometimes it’s wonderful and exciting and inspiring. Other times it’s annoying and exasperating and frustrating. Some days, like Friday, can be all of the above. When you’re a real writer, you write when it’s fun and you write when it’s not. You don’t wait for inspiration. You just keep working and soon enough you’ll figure it out.

 Are You A Real Writer?

Here’s to You (some words of inspiration for real writers from Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent)

With every story I’ve ever written, there comes a moment when the whole thing comes together. When it just feels right and it’s like the characters come together and start speaking and I feel a part of the story. This is the point where I stop forcing myself to think about the story and instead I can’t stop thinking about it. I think about it involuntarily as I drive down the road to work, as I exercise, and as I go to sleep at night. At this point the ideas come fast and furious and I really feel the story and the characters. When the whole story just “clicks”. I usually know it the second it happens. Usually, I am listening to music at the time and I just think “that’s it. There it is! It just clicked.”

It hasn’t happened yet with the script. But it’s coming. I can feel it…