Weekly Progress for Week Ending June 10

Wrote a blog article.

Finished reading GOING THE OTHER WAY by Billy Bean. – excellent book that was a huge help in preparation for my new novel. Inside look at what it’s like to be a closeted gay man in Major League Baseball. Heartbreaking and beautiful story. Highly recommended.

Read a professional screenplay and participated in an online discussion of same.

Read Tina Fey’s book, BOSSYPANTS (admittedly, I read this for funsies. However, it *is* related to the biz and besides, I think all reading counts as working/research/learning when you’re a writer).

Started re-reading HOOKED by Les Edgerton. A book that focuses on writing beginnings, but is really an excellent book on novel writing in general. Written in plain “normal people” language. A wonderful writing tool.

Wrote 1053 words of my new novel, QUEEN HENRY!!