Mark Harmon Might Be the Nicest Guy Ever

Mark Harmon (currently of NCIS fame) has long been known as a kindhearted, pleasant person to work with. It seems he treats his fans the same way.

I sent my Wannabe flyer to him in the hopes of getting it autographed. In just a few short weeks time, instead of receiving my Wannabe flyer back signed, I got a pre-autographed photo of the Silver Fox. That was good enough for me! But that’s not all I got…

Someone had written on the envelope “Another something coming. Shhh…” The same day, I received a large envelope which contained an NCIS script in its entirety SIGNED BY THE ENTIRE CAST!! I never in a million years expected to receive such an amazing gift and it arrived on a day when I really, really needed some good news.

Believe me, I am not under the illusion that Mr. Harmon himself sent the script. In fact, he likely never saw my letter. I figure if he had, he probably would have signed the Wannabe flyer. Instead, he clearly left a large stack of autographed photos with instructions to his assistant to send them to the fans who requested them.

You hear that, Ron Howard?? Instead of telling his assistant to write REFUSED all over the envelope, he actually treats his fans with dignity and respect.

I can only assume Mr. Harmon’s assistant (I know her name is Lori – she wrote it on the envelope) read my letter and saw that I was a Wannabe screenwriter who has been trying to break into the biz for 16 years and has not given up, so she thought I would really appreciate a real autographed script. Boy, was she right…

Considering the script is the property of the studio, I doubt Lori had permission to just go sending scripts out whenever she wanted. I like to think Mr. Harmon left a bunch of scripts for her to send out to fans, but only to the fans whose letters were heartfelt and who he felt deserved one.

Thanks so much, Mark Harmon and Lori, for deeming me worthy.