Right now I am working on writing articles that may be helpful to Wannabes as I hope to use this site as not only a place to share and commiserate, but also to learn. I am working on an article on what to expect during a first audition and I have contacted several theater professors for their help. I am also contacting English professors for writing advice for an article. I have received several kind, compassionate answers (mostly email but one very friendly voicemail). It makes me so excited to know that others are so eager to help us Wannabes on our climb.

So why is it that the jerks always stand out more?

I got one email that simply said “Since this is my livelihood, I don’t give out that advice for free.” No, “hello”, no “sorry but..” Jerk. Many of the professors I emailed simply did not respond. They may be too busy (during this end of the school year time, I bet they are truly swamped) or may have any other valid reason not to answer. No problem. But why bother to write back and be an ass about it? NO FAMOUS PERSON, NO MATTER HOW TALENTED, MADE IT TO THE TOP WITHOUT HELP ALONG THE WAY. And who ever heard of a professor who refuses to share any of their knowledge “for free?” What, I need to enroll in your college class if I want your views on Shakespeare? And not everyone can afford to go to college, Poindexter. I really hate that it’s the jerk that stands out in my mind, and not the amazingly kind people who are willing to help.

Speaking of kind people:

Jodi Picoult – yes THAT JODI PICOULT, bestselling, mega-famous, mega-talented, awesome Jodi Picoult answered my email, with kindly advice, less than five minutes after I sent the message.

Other kind people : see earlier blog about the inimitable, incredible, classy, and KIND Betty White.

All you Wannabes out there – DON’T BE A JERK IF YOU EVER HIT IT BIG. Don’t be that guy.

Hear it, learn it, live it.