Indians and Screenplays and Research, Oh My!

Just a quick update. Right now I’m just doing simple Internet research on Native American tribes in the Washington area. The producer who optioned my script lives in Los Angeles but she grew up in Washington state so she thought WA might be a good place to start to try to get some Indian funding for my Native American-themed script.

It’s really exciting to actually be working on getting one of my films made. Who know if it will ever really happen but it sure is fun to think about – especially with this script. This one was actually the first script I ever wrote – 15 years ago – and it’s been through a lot of changes since then. One thing that has always been the same is that it is about an ancient, magic cave that grants wishes.

I went to the Museum of Natural History last week and they had an exhibit where you could essentially walk inside a pretend cave and look at the carvings and painting of ancient man. It gave me chills just to stand there and look at this cave. It was almost like being on a movie set. MY movie. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to walk onto a movie set and see my creations come to life. I would probably just stand there and cry.

I am really proud of the fact that I never cared about making money or becoming famous as I writer. I really don’t even think about that very much. It really is the sheer love of doing what I’m doing. And that really does make every day a dream come true for me.
Gotta go. My characters are waiting.