Postsecret  is an online postcard project where people mail in their deepest secrets anonymously. There are new secrets every Sunday. They range from sad and angry, joyful and exuberant, horrifying and inspirational.  I was inspired by the postsecret project to create my own list of secrets about my writing career.
Please don’t judge me.

My Writing Secrets:
Deep down I don’t think I’ll ever make it.
I wish people understood how much writing means to me. If they had a clue, maybe they would remember to ask me how it’s going.

I hate that writing might always seem like a “hobby” to other people. It’s not. It’s my whole life.
When I’m at work, I think about my writing more than I think about my kids.

Sometimes I feel like choosing to raise a family cost me a real shot at a writing career. It’s a choice I’ve never, ever regretted.  I love you guys.
I feel like I deserve success in my writing more than a lot of people because I don’t care about getting rich from it and I was probably more than ten years into my wannabe writing career before the idea of having fans even occurred to me.
Those times when I’m out walking and listening to music and I get a great idea for my script or novel – when I really feel the joy of my characters – that’s when I believe in God the most.  That’s when I can feel Him.
If I ever get THE phone call, the one that says I’ve sold a screenplay or my book will be published, I hope to have the presence of mind to take at least a few moments to myself before trumpeting my success to the world. I’m the only one who knows what this struggle has really been like. Nobody truly understands what I’ve been through on this journey. That first moment should be just for me.

Pursuing this dream has been the adventure of a lifetime. Whether I ever make it or not, I wouldn’t trade a moment of it.

I already know that it’s all been worth it.