As the old song goes, “Tis a Gift To Be Simple”. I’m inclined to agree.

I haven’t changed my mind about not looking at my script until after the holidays – I still believe that’s best. I need some distance in order to get the fresh start I need. However, that doesn’t mean I should turn off my imagination. I couldn’t if I wanted to. While I’m not actively working on my script right now, I can’t help but think about it from time to time. That’s actually a good thing. Sometimes you find the solutions when you’re not trying so hard.

I shouldn’t be all the surprised that this script didn’t turn out well. It was a hard struggle from the beginning, which is not always the case. I worked for a very long time on one outline after another. Lots of detailed notes of stuff I wanted to fit in the script. There was lots of information, character details, plot ideas, but there was a lot missing.

Mainly, fun.

I loved the idea for this script, but I was not having much fun with it. The script I wrote right before this one took me two full years to get right. And I never got tired of it. I had fun with the characters and the plot. I had some awful reviews in the beginning and it was devastating, but I battled my way back until the script became a finalist in a national competition. Maybe I can do that again with this one.

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I am starting to believe I was trying too hard with this latest script. I like the premise and I really like the main character. I think I’ll build on those elements and see what I can do. I’m throwing out all the complicated plotlines and twists (that turned out to be too obvious anyway) and just go back to basics. For the next month, I’m going to let my mind be free. If I feel like kicking around ideas for the script – great. If I feel like singing Christmas carols and eating cookie dough with the kids, then I’ll do that.

I need to simplify the script. Think about what might be funny. What would happen if…what if the main character did….wouldn’t it be hysterical if…. and see what I come up with. Just let go and see what happens and where the characters might lead me.

And that’s what writing is all about, Charlie Brown.