Starbucks Hates Me

As I continue with this blog, I’m sure I will write a lot about the rejection that comes with the territory of being a Wannabe anything. I suppose writing a blog that no one reads is a form of rejection…right? To be fair, this site is still fairly new. I’ve done what I can to promote it and I hope to do more. I’ve sent out 50 cover letters with Wannabe Pride flyers to 50 college professors (one in every state). They are mostly theater and drama professors – I figure they deal with actor Wannabes on a daily basis. I asked if they would please share the website name and maybe put up the flyer on their department bulletin board. I’ve sent press releases to 50 newspapers, but I doubt any of them will print anything. I’ve sent some information to 50 arts councils throughout the U.S. And finally, I’ve hung up flyers on several community bulletin boards.
Speaking of rejection, Starbucks took the flyer down. It made me laugh because I knew that was something I could use in my blog – but Starbucks? Really? They like to think of themselves as this uber-trendy, hemp-wearing, avant-garde joint where you can hang out, bring your laptop and work on your novel, participate in pretentious meetings to discuss art, have an after-theatre-performance party wearing all black leotards….and they took down my artist support group flyer.
The honest truth is that I don’t mind if people don’t read my blog (my thinking is – who am I and why should you care??) What I really want is to see other Wannabes use the message forum on this site. I want it to be a place where you can rant and rave and celebrate and bitch to other people who totally understand what you are going through. Only another Wannabe can understand what drives us, how hard we work for success, how much it hurts when we fail, and how goddamn brave we are for going into the fire over and over again. We put ourselves out there – in the form of submitting our writing or auditioning or whatever – knowing full well we are going to get rejected a lot more often than we get accepted. It’s like going into a boxing ring and knowing you are going to get knocked down, but you charge forward anyway. It sounds melodramatic to put it like that, but real Wannabes know that’s exactly what the experience is like.
So if you’re a Wannabe – don’t give up. There are plenty of people out there like you, and it isn’t any easier for them than it is for you.
P.S. If you’re a Wannabe, Starbucks hates you. Hey, why should I be the only one to suffer rejection?