What’s Better Than a Beer Buzz?

Good buzz about my blog and website, or course! Mailing out flyers to professors, etc. is pretty expensive so I have taken to emailing people instead. I will only attach the flyer at their request so as not to trigger the spam alarm. Anyway, I found that emailing works much better and I’m getting a much better response. I am going through all 50 states – choosing a college and finding an individual English professor to email about this website. After all, professors teach an awful lot of Wannabes and I’m hoping they will pass on the information to their students. I would love to see Wannabes use this forum as a place to discuss their experiences and realize they are not alone in their struggles. To me, even the most supportive non-Wannabes never quite understand the pain of rejection and never quite get as excited about the little victories as I would like. Other Wannabes understand that you can work a long time with very little progress, so when you get a nibble, it’s a big deal!
I had a victory already this morning. I sent out about 10 emails yesterday about the site and so far got 2 responses back. One is from professor and mystery author Carolyn Haines who told me that she likes to support Wannabes and she will put the www.wannabepride.com information on her personal facebook as well as a fiction writing website. Score! Win! The other response was from another professor who asked me to send her the flyer as she is a Wannabe herself. Double Score!
Like any project, writing or otherwise, it can take a long time for success. This website and project has been months in the making, and it’s exciting to see it starting to grow, one day at a time.
P.S – Just got word that my FAVORITE comic/ musician is coming to the area in 3 weeks and I just got tickets. Saw him in November and can’t wait to see him again. Wahoo! In preparation for my Wannabe book, I have been collecting success stories from former Wannabes. This is his story: Stephen Lynch worked for years playing his music in small clubs in and around New York City. He was working in a temp agency, making photocopies and getting coffee, when he got a phone call from Comedy Central. They asked him if he wanted his own half hour comedy special. To date, he has released four musical comedy albums and tours internationally to sellout crowds.