Rejection #43

I’ve been keeping a running tally on Facebook of all the rejections I receive on my novel, QUEEN HENRY. Most of them are form letters and I’ve gotten a few brief but personal messages from agents. I thought I would share this form rejection in full because I thought it was pretty cool :)

Dear Author,

Well, it’s finally happened: after over thirty years of answering every query letter that has ever come my way, I’ve been forced to finally acknowledge that a new era is upon us all.  Before the arrival of e-mail submissions, I used to receive perhaps one hundred queries a week.  That was a lot of queries but it wasn’t frankly unmanageable.  The Friedrich Agency now receives more than twice that on a daily basis and it’s becoming impossible to attend to much of anything else!  I’m so sorry for the impersonal response, I hate to do this.  Writing a good book or a good proposal is among the hardest things in the world to do; I promise, we’re not unsympathetic!  You have our word that we are reading every single query letter that comes our way, but from now on, we’re only responding personally if we’re sufficiently curious and would like to read further. Please don’t take offense at this Draconian measure– there is undoubtedly a wonderful agent out there for whom your book might just be the perfect match. Toward that end, we wish you all the best!

Take care,

Molly Friedrich

I thought this was really nice and it was a good reminder to me that, in the end, rejection really isn’t personal…