Empowering Wannabes and Those Who Love Them



Today, please welcome Guest Blogger Rick Karlsruher. Rick has over thirty years of international marketing and management experience. Over the years, he has also delved into writing several times. His comedy writing was supported by legends like Laugh-In’s Dick Martin and National Lampoon’s Matty Simmons. A few years ago he wrote a book called A Story Almost Told . His experiences in trying to get it published led him to create Noveltunity® to help others have a better chance to have their voices heard.  

Everyone is a Wannabe at something, sometime in their lives. If you haven’t been a Wannabe, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Like I’ve told kids I’ve coached in basketball, “You never make a shot you don’t take.”

I want to start out by thanking Linda for having the courage, foresight and willingness to have fun to create Wannabe Pride! It was a long time coming.

Let’s get to why I’m here.

Some think this is the best time ever to be a writer. Anyone can start a blog. Anyone can write an ebook. Anyone can sell anything on the internet. Anyone can post a book on Smashwords, Goodreads, Shelfari, Amazon, etc.

Everything but the first sentence is true. But because of the rest being true, this is one of the hardest times to be a writer. Everyone who has ever written a poem to a fourth grade crush now thinks they are Hemmingway or Aaron Sorkin or John Legend.

Can this be fixed?

We can’t fix it all. With your help, we will fix some of it.

I’ve created Noveltunity® (take a look here for more info ) to fix part of it. We’re going to help dozens of Wannabes get a better shot each year. We are going to empower readers to help the writers.

What is Noveltunity®? We will be the world’s first ebook/audio book club that exclusively features new/undiscovered (Wannabes) authors.

After the first few months, we will empower our members to vote on and choose the selections.

Our writers and readers/members will directly interact with each other. They will get to know each other and support one another.

As we grow, writers, readers and media will come to our local national and international events.

The way to get power is to take it. We can take the power by working together to help Wannabe writers reach their goals.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us what you think. Tell us how to make things better. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share our story with your friends and social media.

Over the past month, I’ve started a slow rollout. The response has been remarkably positive. People from over twenty-five countries on every continent except Antarctica have written, tweeted or called to express their interest in helping Wannabes.

We’re about to launch a crowd funding campaign on www.rockethub.com. The perks will be fun and you’ll be empowering us all.

Noveltunity® will only work with your help. We can make some dreams come true and make social media truly social. You can create new stars and make new friends around the world.

Contact me directly with any questions, suggestions or just to say “Hi”. My email is rick@noveltunity.com or follow me on Twitter @Noveltunity.

Thanks! Let’s make Wannabes rule together!

Celebrities are Just Former Wannabes….

It’s easy to forget that even the most successful celebrities were once Wannabes, too. On the days when you’re feeling like a talentless hack, keep in mind that:

Rodney Dangerfield gave up on trying to launch his comedy career for a while and worked as aluminum siding salesman and a house painter.

Scarlett Johansson was rejected by the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Jay Leno is a former auto mechanic.

Jack Nicholson was a gofer at MGM animation studios, working for William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Julia Roberts was turned down for a role on the soap opera All My Children.

Michael Jordon was cut from his high school varsity basketball team.

J.K. Rowling’s book Harry Potter was rejected by at least 12 publishers.

The screenplay for Back to The Future was rejected more than 40 times.

Ryan Reynolds flunked out of drama class.

Maybe there’s hope for me yet…