Advice From a Novice Writer

Wannabe Pride welcomes guest blogger M.C. Simon

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Yes, you heard it right… advice from a beginner. You, the writer who has climbed to a higher level, just saw these words.

Sounds too bold? Can a novice writer do this?

I bet she can! In life we can receive advice from any level of consciousness and if we are able to perceive what’s behind the lines, we can always learn something new… or we can see the same thing from a different perspective.

It is said “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

Life has shown me many times the depth of these words. They are not saying that the teacher must have a specific degree or diploma… but for sure we came into these human bodies to learn about life. And this life is teaching us so many things, in so many different ways through various people. Some of them are experts and some beginners in your field of interest. Let yourself hear a novice’s advice also.

David Bailey said once “The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading”. And this advice was given to him by a student when he was sixteen.

According to Merriam Webster, an advice is an opinion or suggestion about what someone should do.

Than permit me to write here what I consider to be the first advice which any writer should receive. And let me be straight.

GO TO THE ROOTS! Define very well what your reason to write is. Without a clear reason, you will succeed to start writing, but being nourished by a temporary impulse, in a short time the impulse will disappear and your writing life will also reach an end.

I am not a fan of giving direct advice. I always prefer giving subliminal advice which lets the reader choose what is right for him or not. I am doing this because one of my mottos in life is that I am never doing to others what I don’t like someone else to do to me. I always prefer having a choice, no matter what.

Are you wondering what connection there is between advice latent with choice and the writing process itself?

Well… a distinction must be made here: on the one hand there are technical advices which of course I prefer to be direct; I would never try to dig behind the words if we are talking about technique, procedures and so on. All these can be learned by anyone and I personally appreciate people who are giving technical advice… especially for free. Doing this they also involve their hearts and the advice touches the reader’s heart in a very deep way.

Now, my advice can be considered direct and indirect also. Direct because I told you exactly what to do. Indirect because I never mentioned how and when you will reach the roots.


Dig deep into your heart and see the roots where your desire to write emerged from. Embrace the roots and start to write.

I know… I know… we are human… we need proof also. So let’s do it like this. You like to write. You have a sudden inspiration. Start! Write. Put your heart on the paper. Do it; and somehow on a cloudy day you will meet what is called a writer’s block. I know it, I already touched that level.

That block can be scary sometimes. If it lasts more than a few days, it can induce a very strong doubt in you. The experiment which I’m proposing for you is that when this moment comes, do not panic, and do not start to doubt yourself.

So just relax. Add some of your favorite music if you need it. Breathe deep and… smile.

After you have totally relaxed and the smile shines upon your face, dig into your subconscious mind and find there the roots of your desire to write. Don’t stop when you find the superficial reasons… dig deeper and bring to surface the ultimate roots of your reason. Listen to your heart; it knows best when these roots are discovered.

Breathe deep and smile again. And after this WRITE!

Write and see what’s happening. Write from the depth of your heart. Spread on paper your truth… nothing else than your truth.

Can you see the difference now? Well… even if you see it or not… my next advice is: DON’T follow any advice, no matter how good it is, until the moment when your heart is telling you to do so. Ultimately, my advice is to follow your heart… and WRITE!


Writer, translator, researcher, engineer… and much more. What else can I ask for? :) I have breathed on this planet since January, 29, 1967, being born in Romania, a country which I always liked, in a city crossed by the Danube river, where my mother was in a short holiday before she was to deliver her first child. I recently decided that I am a writer. This writer started to ask for her freedom and I intend to set her free. So, the first move was to choose a Pen Name… like any writer who has a reason to choose it. What’s my reason? Only one: intending to write only in English language, my real name would be hard to spell; but loving too much my name, I simply couldn’t get rid of it and I decided only to cut the last letters. “Everything is based on contrasts. You can read these lines only because it is enough contrast between the letters and the background”. Yes, that’s me also. Fire and ice, sweet and bitter, warm and cold… I will not continue anymore here; I am sure you caught the main idea. And I am wondering now… can the letters which I will choose bring out enough contrast on the paper to keep your attention awakened?


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