3 open floor living room plans

Open floor ling rooms are very famous way of style now a days. People normally wants everything in one room. This style of rooms have been discovered many decades ago. In the very beginning only a few people are familiar with this but with the passage of time this living room style becomes very famous. Although, it gives person a comfort zone as everything is present in a single room. In an old pattern there is separate rooms for everything like separate, kitchen separate drawing room and other rooms. While open floor living rooms have increased the family interaction towards each other. Here we are going to discuss some plans for open floor living rooms.

  • Woody style

Most trending and used style in the open floor living room is a woody style. In this style all the interior of the room is build and decorated with a wood material. In European countries people loves to decorate their house with wood made things. They like woody products more than a marble. In an open floor living room living room you must set a bed at one corner very opposite to a window. Now come to the dining table, it must be made of dark muddy colored wood scented with a muddy fragrance.

Design the kitchen on the left corner of the room away from the bed and room near to a dining table. All the drawers are must made of wood and also polished with the soft and attractive color. You must put all these things in a parallel or perpendicular to each other as it seems to be look attractive. After the setting of the major things the next step of decorating the room, you must scenry like things on the walls on which natural things are painted like trees, flowers or a valley type scenes. Ancient designed pottery things can also be placed on a bed side tables or at a dining table.

  • Lightening effect

Crystal homes are the demand of the new Era families. They wants their room to be shiny and attractive. On their desire interior designers think about to design a crystal like open floor living room. In this style of room the mirror and crystals is used in a great access. The bed is studded with a tiny little crystal in placed in front of big sized window. In the middle of the room sofas are placed the glass dining table is used. The kitchens area is vastly designed with a shiny marbles and a glassy touch marbles. You may use a small pieces of a crystal that is studded in the wall to decorate the room. Dim lights are used in the room in the night time that gives a decent look to a room.

  • L-shaped sofa style

The third style that is very popular now a days is L-shaped sofa style. In this style we can use both woody and marbles products. The difference is that the sofa is placed in an L-shaped manner that gives room a unique look all other things in the room must be set in the parallel or a perpendicular way. The things must be placed in a symmetrical way.

Post Author: Layla Hopkins