3 ways to quit procrastinating


It is the phase in which a person delays or avoids doing a task that has to be done. This usually happens by habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a certain task despite whatever the consequences play in it.

Procrastination can be really awful in many cases as it stops a person from being productive in his or her life. It usually keeps on piling up the tasks for you. Due to which it starts to build up pressure on the person when he or she start to doing the task at the end. Just like other bad habits it takes time and dedication to get rid off it so following are three main ways which will help you in quitting procrastination.

1.     Create, Observe and Do it:

Take few minutes out from your daily routine and create a list of things you have to do for that specific day. Try to list it out in a piece of paper, it will help in remembering all the tasks. When you are done creating a list, observe the list. Start thinking about the tasks that how you should start it. If the task has to be done right now then start doing it. Put all of your energy it which you used to put in making excuses. If the task has to be done at a specific time then set the time as a reminder that you have to start that task at the given time.

2.     Stop Trying to be perfect:

Perfectionism can also be a major factor in creating procrastination. When a person is perfectionist there are chances that he or she will not start the task in the fear of that he will not do it perfectly. It is important to know that there is no such thing as perfection. When you will start doing something, it will keep getting better when there will be effort and time put on it. When the person removes the perfectionism aspect from his mind then he or she can easily put their focus in completing the respective tasks. They don’t have to worry about making it perfect.

3.     Ask yourself and imagine :

Start asking yourself the question which is, what will happen if I start and finish this task today? Imagine all the aspects of it along with this imagine that how you will feel when you will be done with your tasks which you have been delaying for so many days. Always think about the time you can save when you will stop procrastination. This can include the time you can spend with your friends or whatever you want to without any tension of delayed tasks.


Procrastination can also be a good thing if it is strategically done. Many people can be really creative about their tasks if they start to procrastinate about a specific thing. Remember that it is also a type of a skill which can only learned when it is practised by a person.

Post Author: Layla Hopkins