4 top lingerie brands in the world

Lingerie is known as women’s luxury. It’s the part of dressing that gives women her confidence so never underestimates the power of good lingerie. Lingerie are called intimates so its entirely your choice, don’t think about that it would not suit your personality. Don’t over think about what other will think and start planning what to buy next because lingerie is supposed to Pamper you and you alone. Most of us are clueless about lingerie that does not mean we will buy anything, we have to buy the best. Buy the lingerie that seduces you with its charm and shouts for its style and elegance. The lingerie brands we are about to share with you are high class. Some of the best brands that money can buy are:

1.Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is considered one of the best brands known for its beautiful supermodels and runway shows. They rule the lingerie industry with products for fancy and erotic look to everyday use. In the world of women’s lingerie Victoria’s secret have a distinction of being the major retailer company. Victoria secret contracts in manufacturing, marketing and designing aspects of undergarments. Victoria’s secret does not only produce undergarments in fact they produce many other items such as bag, accessories and cosmetics but they are popular for their lingerie. They have all kind of variety and for all body types such as satin, lace and matching sets. One of the favorite brands of women for lingerie is Victoria secret.


Pink was created by Victoria’s secret and is known as its little sister. It was launched as its sub-brand, targeting a different age group.i.e. college kids and university girls. A competitive lingerie industry is owned by the Pink brand. The Victoria secret main purpose was to target the large number of shoppers and influencers who stay up to date with latest fashion and are followed by many Youngs. Pinks attract the young customers by its visibly vibrant and energizing products. The brand does not limit itself to lingerie but they also have sweatpants, t-shirts, tank top and fragrance cosmetics. It appeals not only to youngsters but to everybody.


The vision of educating the women of India about undergarments resulted in creating the largest and greater online innerwear store in India. Zivame is popular to have something for everyone and so its sizes range are wide from XS-XXXL and include 28A to unusual 46H. Zivame was created by Richa Kar in 2011 with the aim to change Indian women choices for lingerie. Unlike west the Indian women have some kind of awkwardness or lack lingerie choices while shopping for lingerie. Before launching a brand of its own they brought the best lingerie brands under one roof which became Zivame. Zivame provide Indian women with everything intimate they need from one platform. With unlimited choices of lingerie, they also provide services like ‘Try at home’, ‘Fit consultant’; and some of their stores have fitting lounges. They educate women about the importance of well-fitted lingerie.

4.Calvin Klein

The brand was created in the year 1968 by Calvin klein. It is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Besides its luxury products that have outstanding and elegant designs it also produces lingerie. Calvin Klein never disappoints you. It provides its customers with great products which are graceful, comfortable and practical for everyday use. There are many more product that Calvin Klein manufacture such as everyday essentials, satin, swimwear and they also give you customize options like CK sculpted and CK stretched.

Post Author: Layla Hopkins