All the more reasons to have an Instagram Account

Instagram is a social networking site where sharing videos and photos with friends and family have been made as easy as ‘insta-nt’. Although such social sites have been drastically gaining a negative image for being too time-consuming and inciting low productivity. However, not to bat an eye on the joy-sucker views before comparison, Instagram can indeed be extremely convenient and here are all the more reasons to have an Instagram real active instagram followers

  • Inspirational Creativity: Instagram was formulated for people to be able to share their most creative moments and the creator, Kevin Systrom himself is an observant photographer famous for his aesthetic or the ‘Instagram worthy’ work. The news feed on Instagram is more like that of an art gallery! Multiple photographers and artists have been able to enhance their work from the famous trendsetters of their fields. You can even save posts for inspiration, without filling up your phone storage.
  • Beneficial for business: Instagram allows you to post advertisements that would show up on the feeds of followers who may or may not be following your brand page. It also has greater interactions than most other social sites resulting in a vast audience. Instagram comes in handy when competition comes at stake, especially for small businesses.
  • Be Known! If all your life you have been deprived of an opportunity to showcase your talent and be known for what you’re good at, Instagram is the best opportunity to start low and end big. Put your account at public and keep posting, more the followers more the promotion, more likely to end up in a larger platform, the ‘Ellen show’ for an instant, if talent combines with luck well enough.
  • Personal wall of memories: In this era where hard copies of photographs are difficult to manage and the best moments are saved in smartphones instead, deep in the gallery, showcasing and managing them in albums is a hectic job. Instagram helps you express your special moments in the form of photos and save them on your wall of memories, keeping your long distant friends updated and you connected with your souvenirs.
  • Find your own Tribe: It’s hard to find company your type since many have been on the path of self-discovery and find themselves in-between a different type of people than themselves. Many can be evaluated through their feed and bio, and if you feel a connection, you’ve found your tribe, it really is that simple. People can be long-distant friends or simply the modern form of pen pals yet have a better connection with the lifelong close ones. Family by coincidence, friends by choice.
  • Exciting filters! The option for stories recently sprung on Instagram as well which allows a post to be viewable only for 24 hours. These also offer different filters and impressions that keep on updating, such as the famous boomerang option and dog mask filter. The Instagram inbuilt picture editing feature for feed posts is a complete package itself. It provides amazing filters that enhance your photos and highlight through the adjustment tools.

Post Author: Layla Hopkins