What are the most suitable times to post videos on Instagram?

Since the rise of social media all around the globe, blooming businesses have been utilizing it as a platform of opportunities to display and advertise their products, almost free of charge. However, currently, there is increased competition between businesses and overall maintenance of social media business-related accounts which has made succeeding in your desired goal extremely difficult. Posting creative content and imposing efficient marketing strategies has all its grace in place yet the progress remains low.

Focus on the goal

Whether you aim to become popular as an individual or want to reach optimum popularity as a brand, the best way to achieve this is to increase engagement on these social sites and the most efficient method to do that is to optimize your followers which will then evaluate your current status of popularity.

Posting on instagram
Posting on instagram


The platform in the spotlight is currently Instagram. Known for its vast variety of visual imagery, Instagram is one of the most used social networking site available which is also playing a huge role in trendsetting. With Instagram’s exciting features such as the stories, boomerangs, slo-mo and fast forward video options, it has been used readily to attract as many followers as possible.

However, in order to achieve your goal of optimum engagement, you need to focus on a few focal points here. Strategies such as interesting content, frequent posting, and amazing captions have been tried and tested but now the time requires a more efficient strategy to shake up the stagnant progress. In order to do that, we need to focus on the times of our posts. What and when do we post.

Best times to post

With every passing day, more and more users are turning on Instagram. In the aspect of this being beneficial, there are equal chances of your posts not appearing on the users feeds. Hence according to the majority of the audience featured in your profile, you need to post at times of maximum activity. The type of content you post is also dependent upon the activity factor. The videos are much anticipated so it is better to post them when a person has slightly more free time to scroll rather than just have a few minutes break to catch up.


According to the data collected, the best times to post on Instagram are as follows;

Social media provides a great opportunity to increase your audience and help to adopt potential customers along the way. The online marketing industry is the future of the business economy since every individual is present on these social sites, which makes engagement highly efficient and in some case, even self-sufficient.

Post Author: Layla Hopkins