What is Bicycle Playing Cards History?

The bicycle rider backs are USPCC’s standards of the deck cards and they are the most recognized and the famous card backs in world. Back in 1988, there was the release of new brand of the playing cards and it added up with a new brand name which at that time was related to the boost of the tricycles, bicycles and any other thing which could be so popular at that time in the U.S. This actually became a base for the printer being a perfect idea for the new cards line. This simply were called as the bicycle playing cards that were basically brought into production in the specific name and officially been given that title.

  • Back features

The name as well as there are some other features too which has made an image symmetrical of the riding in a cupid upon the bicycle. The cards basically were designed as blue or red and the picture design of the cards at that time included various hearts, a planted cupid in every corner of the card, and the curved plants. This design has a specified name which is originally famous to be the rider back.

  • Added features

There are distinct features like the bicycle card backs and the card decks have some more extra added features which make them different as well as one of the best in their type. There are two jokers as well where the first card of every of the bicycle desk basically is a ace of spaces. The spade has the decoration with a different dotted stars and design and in the center of the cards of the deck there is a lady liberty symbol. In the cards, there are varied colors in the rider backs and the most among them have been produced by the third parties and companies.

  • Colors

These cards basically differ in their origination and that difference is in the colors and the producers as while. Like the colors fuschia, turquoise, silver, gold, orange and green are those that have been produced by Italy and there is also a rainbow edition of the cards. There are several other types where the cards are of maroon and yellow colors. There was a brown rider back version as well.

The other version of these cards is the newer one which comes in a standard box design as the same bicycle which is a bit like the older one.

There is a cheaper version of these cards too which has a high chance of faults and there is an increased ratio of the misprints which are usually sold on a price minimum to the original one. Though the origin of these cards differ from each other but they are the same in their category and a good thing to have as well to make your time fun and amazing.

Post Author: Layla Hopkins